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The Road Pricing debate in the UK is much more advanced than the US. Many reports and white papers have advocated adopting road pricing to reduce congestion and pollution (though whether the fuel tax would be reduced is not quite clear, one suspects no). This has garnered some public debate, being shown on the national news and in the daily newspapers. The Telegraph has a link
to a petition at Number 10 Downing Street that opposes road pricing. To date 58,676 people have signed. I did not see a petition in favor of pricing. After the public comment, the government will make a decision, though I am doubtful the public comment will actually affect the decision.
While the success of the London Congestion Charging scheme are impressive, it is unclear whether the rest of the country is willing to go along with still higher prices to travel (fuel here is near the equivalent of $8.00 per gallon).

2 thoughts on “Road Pricing Petition

  1. Tax is paid at every avenue of motoring. The more you use the car the more tax is paid. The more expensive the car the more tax is paid. Every accessory on the car the more tax. It cannot go on like this, public transport is a nonsense, and no alternative, for country people.


  2. this is an unworkable sceme
    which ignores the fact that
    personal transport is the
    vary fabric of our society


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