City officials want “balance”

Maple Grove, a Twin Cities suburb, seems to think there are too many townhouses …. Article: Maple Grove may limit building of townhouses

A) This is exclusionary, if townhouses are replaced by more expensive units
B) This is energy inefficient, detached single family homes expose 2 more walls to Minnesota’s cold winters (and now hot summers) than do attached townhouses.
From the article:’ “We wanted to bring a better balance to our housing stock,” said City Administrator Al Madsen.’
What on earth does that mean? There are less townhouses than single family detached overall (if not in recent construction), how does restricting them increase “balance”, whatever that is.
What sins do townhouses cause that detached houses do not? … Oh, wait, I know, they are cheaper and thus pay less taxes … or maybe, they are cheaper and thus let in the riff-raff.