Visual Representation of “Lessons From The Transportation Experience”

Artist Eileen Clegg made visual representations of the talks at MeshForum. Mine is
Eileen Clegg's interpretation of Lessons from The Transportation Experience

2 thoughts on “Visual Representation of “Lessons From The Transportation Experience”

  1. I didn’t hear your talk at this, so forgive me for coming in the middle of a conversation…but what do you mean about the Segway and ‘transportation without infrastructure’? And how do bicycling and walking fit into that?


  2. Well, I didn’t draw the image, but I must have said something like or it wouldn’t have shown up. I think it involved a comparison with rail transit and roads, which require large investments in both vehicles and infrastructure to be successful. Certainly walking and biking are anologous to Segway in that regard, although I think I was on the (possible) futures of transportation at the time.


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